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'''Roger Ascham''' (; c. 1515 – 30 December 1568)"Ascham, Roger" in ''Encyclopædia Britannica|The New Encyclopaedia Britannica''. Chicago: Encyclopaedia Britannica Inc., 15th edn., 1992, Vol. 1, p. 617. was an England|English scholar and didactic writer, famous for his prose style, his promotion of the vernacular, and his theories of education. He acted as Elizabeth I|Princess Elizabeth's tutor in Greek and Latin between 1548 and 1550, and served in the administrations of Edward VI of England|Edward VI, Mary I of England|Mary I, and Elizabeth I. The name Ascham could be more properly spelt Askham, being derived from Askham Bryan|Askham near York. He was born at Kirby Wiske, a village in the North Riding of Yorkshire, near Northallerton, the third son of John Ascham, steward to Baron Scrope of Bolton."Ascham, Roger" in ''Oxford Dictionary of National...
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